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Working with productions is my all time, top spot, favourite thing to do. Whether that’s in film, TV or theatre, I just love dipping my toe into worlds that exist for a matter of days before the circus moves on to the next town.


After eight years producing theatre in London's West End, I transferred my skills into the film and TV industry.


I then spent the next three years managing a portfolio of film locations for a large landowner in the North West, where I was shortlisted for Insider Media's Young Marketing and Media Professional of the Year award. During that time I provided locations to feature films, dramas, soaps and children's television. Take a look at the Clients page to see who...


Then coronavirus turned the world upside down.

I've found that businesses are looking for alternative avenues of income (hello filming!) and restructuring how they staff their teams (hello freelancers!). And the same goes for property owners - so many people have had their income affected and are looking for new ways to earn.

This is where I come in! I am now doing what I was previously, but for more people and by providing them with the tools to do it themselves. To help people and businesses diversify and thrive, not just survive.

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